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We Direct The Flow Of Customers To You, Instead Of Your Competitors.

In every business, there are middle points and connectors that can lose you money.

Using data analysis, we help you dam them up so you don’t lose customers.

Welcome To MightyDam

Money is lost and gained as per the connectors in your business. These connection points include your website, sales process, online reputation, and so on.

What we do, here at MightyDam Marketing is Dam up those points so you don’t lose the flow of money to you and we direct the flow of new money to you instead of your competitors.

To explain this with an example – say you want to earn $1 Million per year. You need to be spending $X amount on ads, $X amount on a website, landing pages, Ad copy, Google Business profile and review sites so people can see you are a great business, you have outlays before any money comes in on staff, fuel, trucks, supplies, etc etc.

Every one of those things is a connection point and each one can lose or gain you money.
What we do is analyze exactly where these points are on your online presence (can’t help you get better deals on supplies or trucks at the minute) and sales processes so those connection points that are losing you money are dammed up and so the flow of new leads, sales, and money comes to you instead of your competition.

Our Services

Website Design

Make a memorable impression with a professionally designed website. We create beautiful, user-friendly websites that reflect your brand.

Every element of your website is optimized, including responsive design and seamless navigation.

Website design services from our company will increase your online presence, engage visitors, and boost conversions.​

Optimize For Search Engines

Dominate search engine rankings using our expert SEO services.” Drive organic visitors, boost visibility, and surpass your competitors.

We can help you with everything, from keyword analysis to on-page optimization.

Our SEO services will help your business grow and reach its goals.​

Google Business Profile

Stand out, build trust and get more local customers by standing out in the local search results.

You can easily manage your reviews, update your profile, and optimize it. We can help you maximize your visibility, and grow your company with our proven marketing strategies.

Reputation Marketing

Building a stellar online presence that builds trust and reliability is key.

Our reputation-marketing strategies enhance brand image, monitor reviews online, and shape public opinion.

Turn potential customers into loyal advocates by creating a positive online presence.​

Video Marketing

Captivate audiences with video marketing.

Our visual storytelling is captivating and leaves a lasting impression.

Our team makes sure that your message is received by the audience, from conception to production.

Connect your target market, increase engagement and drive conversions like never before.​

Online Advertising

Maximize the ROI of your Google Ads with our Pay Per Click Google Ad and Facebook Ad Services.

Reach potential customers at the best possible time.

Our expert team builds targeted campaigns and optimizes keywords, ad places, and ad placements in order to drive sales.

Our Ads service can help you grow your business quickly and with measurable results.​

Our Pricing & Packages

Online Business Audit

You can run a FREE online business audit tool while it is still in beta.

The tool analyzes over 100 data points to provide you with an online business score in a few seconds.

We can go over it together (again for free) and answer any questions you have about your report.

You can then do all the work yourself, get someone else to do it, or have us do it for you.

You can do that here, no credit card required, just enter your business name, choose your business from the dropdown and get your online business analyzed in seconds.

Reputation Marketing Package 1

Usually, the main problems the software comes up with are citations, reviews, no video on your website home page and general problems on the website such as load speed and poor optimization.

We usually start with a citations and review package which helps you with ranking both your website in the search results and your Google business listing in the map section of the search results.

Prices can be anywhere from $297 for the year (reputation monitoring and alerts service) to $697 set up and $197/month thereafter (the $297 package above plus optimizing citations and actually responding to reviews.)

Reputation Marketing Package 2

Not only do we do the items in package 1, we add 50 citations (an extra 50 citations to add on to the 30 that you would already have had from the first package), all optimized with images and unique descriptions.

With this package comes staff training so you can have your staff learning what to say to get reviews and how to deal with reviews when you get them, both in the field and at your place of business.

The price for this package is $1297 Setup and $697/month thereafter.

Reputation Marketing Package 3

All the previous reputation marketing packages 1 and 2 plus…

Monthly 60-second video commercial, Website/blog review marketing, Social media and image review marketing, Video review marketing plus video SEO, Facebook page video cover, Digital RepAd Design set AND a media suite valued at $2000.

The price for this full reputation management and marketing package is $1997 set up and $1297/month thereafter.

Website/SEO/Google Profile

We can work on your own online properties such as redesign your website, build you a website, optimize your website properly, and optimize your Google Business Profile.

Websites average $2000 USD.

Google Business Profiles: Expect to pay a minimum of $497 set up plus $997/month thereafter.

Prices are affected by your competition, city or town you cover and scope of work which includes how many keywords you want to target and if pages need overhauled etc.

Pay Per Click and Re-targeting Ads.

We set up all your ads, landing pages and re-targeting pixels, we also manage and routinely optimize based on split tests and previous results.

Expect to pay $997 set up plus your ad spend which can be anywhere from $800/month upwards.

We take a minimum $800/month management fee depending on competition, your city or town and amount of keywords to target.

You also get access to your own lead management back office where you can see all your leads and recordings of phone calls from prospects.

We Genuinely Care About Our Customers and Staff

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Our Website Portfolio​

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You can see a live demo site by clicking the link below…


It all starts with getting your business analyzed…​

If you like what you see here and think we can help, you can do a free analysis of your business and we can both see what needs to be done then you can decide if you want us to carry out the work for you or not.